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DOOR is a professional cooperative society of, and on behalf of growers of fruiting vegetables. With over 40 members and a total of more than 520 hectare of greenhouses we make an impact in the branch. Exporters and service providers help our products find their way to retail,- and food services across Europe and beyond. We relieve you of your concerns by providing professional support on all important issues. DOOR focuses on sales, marketing and innovation. Our subsidiary DOOR Partners PLC is responsible for the sale, marketing and quality control of our vine tomatoes, (sweet pointed) peppers, aubergines, vegetable snacks and cucumbers.

DOOR is the House of the Leading Brands in fruiting vegetables.

To our clients, this means that DOOR’s brands equal superior quality. It also entails a high level of investment in exploring the demands of the trade. Via constant communication we jointly enlarge the market share of our products, share creative ideas and exploit new opportunities.

To our members it means that they have the opportunity to not only keep their own identity but also expand their business whilst operating under DOOR’s flag. DOOR is very supportive in this matter and offers a platform to share experiences and knowledge among the different brands.

DOOR helps her members by organising basic responsibilities such as Finances, ICT, Food Safety and HRM centrally and professionally. DOOR helps by putting forward pre-existing knowledge explicitly and thus making the collective stronger.

DOOR also looks towards the future. Which developments, businesses and markets are of interest to our products? We take the lead in dealing with the development of our branch portfolio. Our objective is to keep our brands strong and make them even stronger.

DOOR provides the boost and the development of plans, strategies and activities to support and optimise the brands. This creates new ways to market our products. And it creates more distinguishable potential.


To retail, DOOR is the gateway to the source. To growers, DOOR is the gateway to retail. Cooperating with DOOR means cooperating with product specialists. We aim for the highest level of quality, not just in cultivation but in all facets of management. DOOR invests in cooperation throughout the chain. Because of our independent position in the market we are free to choose our chain partners. This choice leads to long term relations based on mutual trust. To do as we say and to be of permanent value is important to us. We prove this by providing high quality products, share our knowledge and jointly explore and utilize opportunities.


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